Bernstein Safety Relays

Bernstein Safety Relays
  • Operation Voltage - 24V AC/DC
  • 5 Amps Switching
  • 3 NO / 1 NC Outputs
  • Manual or Automatic Reset
  • Force Driven Contacts


* These are general specifications, please check individual data sheets for specific information

  • Emergency Stop Relay / Safety Gate Monitoring
  • Up to Safety Category 4
  • Cross-Wire Monitoring
  • LED Display of Output Status
  • Electronic Fusing
  • Can Be Used to Monitor Most Dry Contact Switches

Safety Relay

Standard Safety Relays


Wiring Diagram

Part Number


Emergency Stop Module Catagory 4
Automatic / Manual Restart

(Start Button NOT Monitored)

Safety Relay

Easy to install:
1. Connect 24V (A1) & 0V (A2)
2. Connect safety channel 1 between S11 & S12
3. Connect safety channel 2 between S21 & S22
4. Connect restart button (or jumper for automatic restart) between S33 & S34.

The relay monitors the two safety circuits and will open the output contacts if either circuit is broken.

The relay checks that both circuits open at the same time, ensuring the switches are operating correctly.



Emergency Stop Module Category 4
Manual Restart Only
(Start Button Monitored)

Safety Relay

Used for manual restart applications only, a start button must be wired to S33 and S34  A pulse must be presented in order for the relay to

start. Start button is monitored to

insure that it is connected and operating correctly.

Connection is similiar to the relay above.



Extension Module

Catagory 4

Opposite Polarity Protection

Safety Relay

Using an extenstion module allows you to add extra outputs to the main safety relay.